Chinese state media seek to reassure public about COVID

WUHAN, Jan 1 (Reuters) – Thousands of Chinese took to the streets to mark the New Year as authorities and state media sought to reassure the public that the COVID-19 outbreak sweeping across the country was under control and nearing its peak. Although many people in major cities have continued to isolate as the virus … Read more

I’m an expert in public health. Which is why, aged 38, I’ve qualified as a personal trainer Devi Sridhar

A quick skim of the other faces on the Zoom call shows that I’m clearly the oldest person on the personal training course. They’re probably wondering whether I’m having a midlife crisis triggered by the pandemic. Maybe I am. Aren’t we all? I’ve always enjoyed fitness, physical activity, sport – really any kind of movement. … Read more

15 million people are under winter weather alerts as the record-setting storm that flooded California pushes east

CNN — More than 15 million people from California to Wisconsin are under winter weather alerts Sunday as the Pacific storm system that brought record-setting rainfall and severe flooding pushes east. Some residents in Northern California are still grappling with epic flooding and power outages after the storm system led to highway closures and water … Read more

The Most Important Supplement for Brain Health

When it comes to brain healthyou’ve probably heard again and again the importance of adding omega-3 fish oil to your diet. But what if omega-3s aren’t the only supplement that promotes a healthy brain? What if the most important supplement to take for brain health is something completely different? “Omega-3 fats are highlighted as part … Read more

Mask mandates fail to make a comeback, despite pleas from public health experts

A protective face mask lies on the sidewalk in New York City on Oct. 26. (Shannon Stapleton/Reuters) COVID-19 updates. View latest news. WASHINGTON—Coronavirus infection rates rose steadily through the first half of November across Los Angeles County, then began to climb sharply around the long Thanksgiving weekend. As a result, on Dec. 1, the county’s … Read more

Bay Area highways and roads still closed Sunday due to storm damage

The atmospheric river pummeling the Bay Area is causing widespread flooding and even mudslides throughout the region. Residents are being encouraged to limit travel and check road closures before heading out, if they must drive. The National Weather Service issued a flood advisory that is in effect until 11:45 am Saturday. This a developing story … Read more